Dear friends,

As you will be aware Friday 8th May is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. The day on which Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the day, announced at 3pm an end to the war in Europe.

Nationally, to commemorate, there were big plans and the date of the bank holiday changed to coincide. Locally village festivals had been set to include the marking of the occasion and, as churches, we had begun to plan what we might do to honour the fallen and give thanks for the peace that has lasted between the nations since.

Plans have, of course, needed to be modified and the grand celebrations can no longer take place. The national organisers are aiming to mark both VE Day and VJ Day in August.

We will not be defeated by lockdown. The churches of Together 4 Fromeside have drawn together some materials to help you mark the occasion, as a community, in the safety of your own home.

First, there is a picture of a dove of peace which, if you are able, we would encourage you to print and display in a prominent position for your neighbours and passers by to see for the weekend. Perhaps if you are unable to print you would like to draw a dove to display.

Second, there is a short act of remembrance for the occasion, lasting approximately 5 minutes, which can be used on the 8th. Finishing with a toast at 3pm.

Alternatively, there is a longer act of worship and remembrance, which is approximately 15 minutes, also ending with a toast. Two copies are available, one set for use on a screen, the second for printing as a booklet.

We hope you will join with the Together 4 Fromeside Churches in marking this special occasion.

May the peace of the Lord be always with you.


Fr David    



Malcolm Strange

Rector of The Fromeside Benefice

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