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At Frampton Cotterell C of E Primary School we wholeheartedly support any child who wishes to learn a musical instrument. We firmly believe that this will help to develop their general listening skills, co-ordination and motor control, self-confidence, personal responsibility and social interaction as well as their general enjoyment of music. We actively encourage students to become involved in music and love being able to showcase our instrumentalists in performances too!


Hence, as music lead at FCCE, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know what opportunities we have available to access instrumental/vocal tuition in school.


We have 3 peripatetic music teachers who visit the school teaching:

  • Singing    -    Harmonica      - Flute

  • Piano                       



The South Gloucestershire Music Hub also visit school and currently provide teaching for:

  • Guitar           -     Saxophone           - Clarinet


*However other instrument lessons can be booked through them (see attached).


Parents liaise directly with the teachers/hub in regards to payment, they will liaise directly with parents in relation to rescheduling a lesson for whatever reason and to keep you up to date with your son/daughter’s progress. Any questions or issues you may have with regards to your son/daughter’s lessons should be addressed directly with the relevant teacher or Music Hub (in the case of saxophone or guitar). We of course will still be on hand to support both the instrumental teachers and yourselves.

Please see attached for further details about what they offer and how to get in touch with them/book, as well as performance opportunities and details of the Rocksteady programme.

Best Wishes,

Kim Walsh-Young             (Music Lead)


Kate Williamson will be teaching in school on Thursday mornings. She will have a vacancy in September but will also hold a waiting list for anyone she can’t fit in yet. She usually teaches on 1:1 basis and charges £13 for a 30 minute lesson or £8.75 for 20 minutes. Singing lessons are available for children in year 2 upwards.

To ask further questions or look to book, please contact Kate as follows:



Tel: 07899 907676


Harmonica or flute

Adele Hooper currently teaches in school on Monday afternoons. She will have spaces available in September for new students.

Harmonica lessons are generally in small groups. The group size depends on the mix of children in terms of age and ability but is generally 2-4. Lessons are £6.50 and are approximately 20 minutes long. Lessons are available for children in all age groups from reception to year 6.

Flute lessons are also available at a cost of £15 for a 30 minute lesson.

To ask further questions or look to book, please contact Adele as follows:




Lis Dobinson and Adele Hooper will both be teaching piano in school on several days across the week. Lis holds the waiting list and allocates places. They hope to be able to offer places to everyone who is currently on the waiting list with a few extra spaces on offer to anyone else wishing to start in September. If more people wish to take up the piano that spaces are available Lis will keep a waiting list and allocate spaces as available. They will give priority to students in year 3 and beyond but encourage applications from all year groups as they will start them earlier if they can. Piano is normally taught on a 1:1 basis. Lessons can be 20 minutes or 30 minutes. Costs vary depending on lesson duration so please contact Lis for further information if you are interested.  

To contact Lis:


Phone: 07796 693744


Guitar, clarinet or saxophone (or other woodwind/brass instruments subject to conditions)

Students currently learn the guitar, clarinet and saxophone through the South Gloucestershire Music Hub but it is possible to learn other woodwind instruments (Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon) or brass instruments (Trumpet/Cornet, French/Tenor Horn, Trombone, Baritone/Euphonium, Tuba) through the Hub subject to a minimum booking time of 30 minutes and teacher availability.

Parents liaise directly with the Hub for these lessons. There will be 30 lessons per academic year, usually 10 lessons per two terms. The lesson will last 30 or 20 minutes and this depends on the total number of students per teacher. Lessons will be delivered either as an individual, a pair or in a group (up to four) – assuming that there are enough students wishing to learn the same instrument at the same level. Invoices will be issued directly by South Gloucestershire Council. Timetables will be issued via email to students and parents at the start of every two terms. Instruments are not provided by the school. However, instruments can sometimes be hired from the music hub. Terms and Conditions: For Music Hub tuition can be seen at


Charges at the time of writing this are:

30 minutes individual - £200 for 10 lessons

20 minutes individual - £134 for 10 lessons

30 minutes Paired lesson - £100 for 10 lessons

Group Lesson - £67 for 10 lessons

Please click the following link and on the ‘get involved’ tab, click ‘learn to play an instrument’ and then the link ‘To book instrumental or vocal lessons, please click here



At least once a year we give the opportunity for our musicians/vocalists to share what they have learnt in their lessons. This year, during term 6, we were truly entertained by 40 musicians/vocalists in a summer showcase.




In addition to our music lessons detailed above, Rocksteady visit the school on a Tuesday afternoon.

Rocksteady offer a musical opportunity with a slightly different focus to traditional instrumental lessons. Children are provided with instruments to use during lessons and are taught to play and perform as a band rather than learning traditional musical learning concepts such as notation.

The school as a whole have always enjoyed the regular performances and previous students and parents of students have said being able to show off their progress to friends, teachers and parents with the rest of their band is the most memorable bit of their child’s time at FCCE.

The Rocksteady Primary Programme is for all children aged 4-11 and Rocksteady advise it is proven to progress musicianship, confidence and teamwork skills with no prior experience necessary.

Rocksteady explain that they believe learning an instrument should be fun and with Rocksteady lessons your child can choose from the electric guitar, keyboard, drums or vocals and enjoy playing in a happy, supportive environment with their friends in a group/band.

Lessons are 30 minutes long with all instruments provided for use during the lesson – not to be taken home.

Payment is on a rolling subscription paid monthly direct to Rocksteady that you can cancel at any time. The subscription also includes digital resources available to support additional learning at home.

All band places are currently filled and Rocksteady currently hold an extensive waiting list. We are seeking a second afternoon but so far Rocksteady do not have a band leader available to do this. If your child is interested in joining a band, more details can be found at and you can call 0330 113 0330 to be added to the waiting list.

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