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Physical Education

Wow Travel Tracker- 30 minutes of Exercise a Day 

Exercising for 30 minutes a day is really important (that is less than 5% of your day). Take a look on the website attachment for lots of different ideas for exercising that you can do during Lockdown- lots of them are great fun to do as a family and there are ideas to do inside and outside of your homes. Use the calendar (either pick one up from outside of school, or print this one on the website) to tick off the days which you exercise.


If you exercise 4 times (for at least 30 minutes) a week, for a whole month, you will earn your Travel Tracker badge. These will be available for collection outside of school at the end of the month to collect. Or, we can keep hold of them for you and give them out when you return to school J

Click on the links below for more information and resources about the Travel Tracker!

Weekly 60 Second Challenges and Enjoy the Outdoors Challenges

Each week, we will be sending out a new 60 Second Physical Challenge, which could be completed by all members of the family at home and can be done inside your home; additionally, we will be sending out a weekly ‘Enjoy the outdoors’ challenge- which are great ideas for you and your family to enjoy during your daily exercise, or could be completed in your gardens.

Miss Newman has created some dance video tutorials for you to watch and participate in!


We are very excited to have purchased a new PE scheme of work which provides challenge and enjoyment for all pupils. For details of how PE is taught, please click on the following links:

PE Curriculum

At Frampton Cotterell Primary School we are passionate about ensuring every child has the skills necessary to achieve in PE, sport and life through teaching children the physical literacy and emotional thinking skills they’ll need. This unique and child-centred approach is achieved through our REAL PE scheme which we follow for PE lessons. The REAL PE approach focuses on teaching pupils about the 5 PE cogs: physical, social, cognitive, personal and creative. Each of these cogs is focused on each term and we link these to our school’s termly intra-competition.

Please click on the links below to read more about our REAL PE scheme or please check out our PE sports board in the hall to learn more about our PE lessons.


Our school prides itself on its inclusive and active school ethos where we provide all pupils with an extensive range of sporting activities, competitions and sporting experiences. Each year, we ensure that pupils experience 6 opportunities for intra-competition based around a range of different fundamental skills and sports; these whole-school competitions range from individual challenges to group challenges and culminate in our final intra-competition: sports day. Frampton Cotterell School has numerous extra-curricular activities both before school, after school and at lunchtime. We take part in numerous out of school competitions and leagues. We have 2 teams entered into a local netball league and take part in a football league for boys and girls. Additionally, we take numerous groups to the yearly Festival of Sport competition and play in a variety of cluster school matches for tag-rugby, cricket, netball and football.

PE Calendar

Frampton Cotterell Primary school has a variety of sporting activities running throughout the year. 

PE Funding

Please follow the links to the right to find out how we are using our allocated funding:

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