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Internet Safety​

Children come into contact with the internet from an early age so it is vital that they are taught how to stay safe. At Frampton Cotterell Primary School we take this very seriously by ensuring that E-safety messages are reinforced across the whole school curriculum.

Pupils and parents sign an acceptable use agreement every year encouraging them to adopt safe and responsible use both within and outside school.

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At school

Internet access within school is monitored and restricted through the South Gloucestershire Council filtering system, however staff are still vigilant in monitoring the content of the websites the pupils visit during lessons.

We have a robust internet safety policy which is reviewed annually and is available on our website (see policies).

Please click on this useful website link if you would like more information:

Children and staff have worked together to make the following code of conduct when using the internet in school:

We are aware of the benefits of ICT for our learning. To ensure we keep safe whilst on the internet and using computers the following rules will help us. (These have been made with input from pupils themselves.)

  • We will only use the internet when an adult is with us or we have been given permission.

  • We will only use safety websites and search engines recommended to us.

  • We will always ask for help if we get lost or need help.

  • We will only go on social websites we are legally entitled to use.

  • We will only send nice messages to people through emails, instant messengers and texts.

  • We will only send and open messages to people we know and that have been approved by an adult. If we are ever unsure we will ask an adult.

  • We will always keep our personal information secret. This includes name, address, phone number and passwords.

  • We will treat other people’s computer files with respect and privacy.

  • We will not click on anything we are unsure of, or download information unless told to do so.

  • If we are uncomfortable with anything we will turn the monitor off, or put the lid down if using a laptop and immediately tell an adult.

Iunderstand that if I deliberately break these rules I could be stopped from using the computers or the internet. I agree to follow these rules at all times when using ICT in school

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