Special Education Needs and Disabilities

“Can’t praise the school enough for all they do with SEN!” (Annual Parent Questionnaire May 2015)

Frampton Cotterell CE Primary School fully supports the statutory rights of all pupils to equal opportunities and celebrates each child as an individual, recognising that each child has differing strengths and needs. We believe that all children should receive a broad and balanced curriculum, relevant to the individual needs, with access to all areas of the curriculum.

Most needs can be dealt with by the class teacher, however, where a teacher or parent becomes concerned it may be necessary to initiate a special programme of support and work for that child. This is only implemented after consultation with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO – Mrs Walker) and will identify specific targets broken into small steps which the children can achieve. The stages of help are easily explained and are monitored regularly. We wish to build a partnership between parent, teacher and child that benefits the child’s educational progress and attainment and raises their confidence and self-esteem.

Work in all aspects of the curriculum can be differentiated to suit the needs and ability of the children. Differentiation can take many forms and arrangements are made to cater for those children with specific learning difficulties, or those who are more able and need challenges. Targets are set for all children to encourage them to extend themselves.

Any parents who are concerned about their child’s progress should make an appointment to speak to the class teacher and/or the SENCO. There is also a Governor with designated responsibility for special educational needs, Mrs Victoria Leonard. A copy of the Special Needs and Disability Policy is available on the ‘Documents’ section of the website or from the school office.

For information about our SEND provision, please follow the links below:

  • To contact our SENCO, please phone 01454 867205, or

email - catherine.walker@fcceprimary.co.uk 

For information about the Local Authority (South Gloucestershire) of SEND provision, please click below:

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