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The FCCE Team

Below the photos, you will find a list of roles and responsibilities for each team member.  Many of our staff work in different places during the week, so their photos may appear more than once to reflect their diverse roles.

Senior Leadership Team

Office Staff

Mrs. Addicott - School Business Manager

Mrs. Owen - Administration Assistant

Lauren Darby - Administration Assistant

SEN Admin.

Susan Battson

Class Teachers

EYFS Sparrow Class - Mrs. Mustafa

EYFS Wren Class - Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Hodge


Year 1 Goldfinch Class - Mrs. Lakeman and Mrs. Knowles

Year 1/2 Robin Class - Mrs. Claridge and Mrs. Hernandez

Year 2 Kingfisher Class - Mrs. Anderton


Year 3 Starling Class - Ms. Houston

Year 3/4 Swallow Class - Mrs. Barter

Year 4 Woodpecker Class - Miss Cole


Year 5 Barn Owl Class - Mrs. Verber and Mrs. Pegg

Year 5/6 Buzzard Class - Mrs. Busby

Year 6 Osprey Class - Mr. Knight

Mrs. Walsh-Young

Mrs. Newman

Mrs. Hudson (maternity)

Miss Whittock (maternity)

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Summers

Mrs. Dymock

Mrs. Adams

Mr. Wood

Teaching Assistants

Miss Fuller

Miss Trewella

Ms Doyle

Mrs. Cox

Mr. Cottle

Mrs. Burr

SEN Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Andrews (ELSA)

Mrs. Athwal 

Mrs. Cadwallader (ELSA)

Mrs. Davies

Mrs. Dunham

Mr. Dunn

Miss Gossage

Mrs. King

Mrs. Lyons

Mrs. McMillan

Mrs. Nash

Mrs. Perry

Mrs. C. Smith

Mrs. Starr

Learning Mentor

Mrs. Ward (ELSA)

Kitchen Staff

Becky Smith, Kitchen Supervisor

Mandy Long,

Clare David

Lunch Break Supervisors/OPAL Team

Mrs. Begum

Mr. Maher

Miss T. Smith

Mrs. S. Clay

Mrs. Piatak

Mrs. Wirati

Site Maintenance

Joachim Hornig, Site Manager

Kay Mowbray,

Angela Nicholls,

Della James

Ian Lang

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