At FCCE we LOVE reading! We want to instill in our children a love of reading. By choosing exciting books and each class teacher valuing story time and books we are showing children the value and enjoyment reading can give them.

1:1 Individual Reading- Most children in our school will be heard read (either by a teacher, teaching assistant or parent volunteer) at least once a week in KS1 and every other week in KS2. When reading on a 1:1 basis, the pupil will be asked to read their reading books as well as practise any key words or blending words they may have. The adult will ask them questions based on the text they have read and write any useful comments in their reading record.




Reading at home & support


We ask that every child reads at home at least 5 times a week and that there                                                                           is a note of this in their reading record. If your child is struggling to read at home try…


·         Taking it in turns to read their story book (a sentence/ page each.)


·         Mix up books with reading recipes, websites, magazines etc.


·         Go to a bookshop/ library and help them choose books they are excited about.


·         Help your child create a cosy reading area that they are excited to read in.


·         Before reading the book, start by helping your child to engage in their book (e.g. if the book is about dogs, start by chatting with your child about dogs, drawing a picture of a dog, researching dogs online etc.)


·         If you’re struggling to find some exciting books for your child either,                                                                                   click on the link (100 Read Books) or use the links below that will take you to                                                                                   excellent children’s books that have been shortlisted for prizes.




Guided Reading

Every child will take place in a guided reading session each week. They will read as part of a group and will then be asked questions to encourage their comprehension and understanding of the text. Exciting texts, based on the topic being taught in each class, are chosen and read through as a group, as well as questions and thoughts about the text being discussed. We follow the ‘Thinking Hats’ scheme for our guided reading sessions from EYFS up to year 6. If you would like to find out more about our Guided Reading Scheme, please click on the link below.



Our phonics sessions are taught daily across EYFS and Key Stage 1. Our planning is informed by ‘Letters and Sounds’, with a focus on ‘Phonics Play’ from EYFS (if you would like to find out more about ‘Letters and Sounds (DfE) or have a look at the ‘Phonics Play’ website, please click on the links below.) Then in year 2, where the children move onto learning spelling rules and exceptions to the rules, the planning is informed by Read, Write, Inc (if you would like to find out more about Read, Write, Inc. Please click on the link below.)




Links for home learning & enjoying books







· (resources available free till Dec 2020)




Reading & Phonics