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At FCCE, we are all authors! Each class has a daily Literacy lesson which helps to develop important writing skills. There are many different elements to these sessions and are usually taught through different genres of writing. Here are some of the things we practise on a regular basis:

Handwriting- The children are given handwriting sessions each week. These lessons focus on improving the pupil’s presentation skills. The school follows the fully cursive and joined hand writing style.

Grammar and Punctuation- Classes in Key Stage 1 and 2 will have specific lessons based on teaching the correct use of grammar and punctuation. This can take many different forms but will concentrate on children writing grammatically-accurate sentences with various types of punctuation used correctly.

Big Write’- In Key Stage 2, each class will work towards completing a ‘Big Write’. Every fortnight, pupils will be given the opportunity to plan, draft, edit and publish a piece of independent writing. This work is then used to help assess your child’s writing skills.

Spellings- Under the new National Curriculum, spelling is now more important than ever. Your child will have a variety of spelling strategies taught during each term and parents will be informed of their progress at the end of each term. Here is a copy of the recent parents’ workshop on how we will be teaching spellings at FCCE under the new curriculum:

Spelling for Parents final copy

Frampton Cotterell CofE Primary School child friendly writing KS1

Year 3 Learning Objectives writing child friendly

Year 4 Learning Objectives writing child friendly

Year 5 Learning Objectives writing child friendly

Year 6 Learning Objectives writing child friendly

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