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We ask that all parents cooperate in our request that the following guidelines are followed:-


  • Navy sweatshirts or cardigans

  • Pale blue shirts, blouses or polo shirts

  • Grey or black school style full length trousers, skirts or pinafores

  • Navy fleece

  • Plain black or brown school shoes (No trainers please)

In the summer the girls can wear checked or striped blue and white dresses and children can wear plain grey/black school style short trousers or culottes  (not ¾ length fashion trousers or leggings).  Although we understand the desire to wear sandals in the summer, they are actually quite dangerous in school, both in the classroom and playground, causing tripping, stubbed toes etc.  If your child wears sandals they must conform to the school colour of black, brown or navy and they must be robust and low heeled, with closed toes.

Children should bring coats or fleeces for playtimes.

All hooded tops will be regarded as outdoor garments and pupils will be asked to remove them in class. Sweatshirts in an alternative colour to school uniform are also treated as outdoor clothing.

Each child is allocated a house colour (Red, Yellow, Green or Blue).  The colour of their T-shirt reflects the colour of their house and they can be purchased via Tayz.

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